about me



Although I have owned a camera since my late teens, it was only ever used for family purposes. It was not until 1997, when I was approaching retirement, that I started photographing the natural world. At first my images were disappointing, due entirely to my lack of understanding of camera control and my inability to “see” the picture. Gradually, with help from friends and from self-tuition, I gained a degree of competence in both areas such that I can now take images that please me – and so far as I am concerned, if the image pleases the photographer then that makes it a good image.

I see myself more as a lover of the landscape than a landscape photographer – indeed, the catalyst to improve my photography in 1997 arose from my desire to capture those moments when nature provides something special. As my photography has progressed, so has the breadth of subject matter that attracts me, so I can now enjoy man-made scenery as much – well, nearly as much – as that provided by nature.

Since retiring from business in 2000 I have been fortunate to be able to travel extensively in pursuit of the “magic” photograph. My wife quickly became tired of sitting in the car whilst I waited for the light, and she has taken up the hobby with perhaps even more enthusiasm than me. As a result, holidays now tend to have a strong photographic emphasis.

We live in Surrey, a county of England blessed with much woodland (the location for the “Shaky trees” portfolio). Our four children have all left home and their bedrooms have become the repositories for numerous stacks of mounted prints – some cibachrome, some digital. My photography is purely for my own enjoyment, but I do enjoy showing my work to like-minded people and I enjoy visiting local camera clubs.