Alan Barrett Images | The Bigger Picture | White Pocket

White Pocket is another of those wonderful sandstone areas found on the Paria Plateau. I became aware of the area in 2005, having stumbled across photographs of it on the website of a German photographer. I had never heard of it before that time and further extensive searching didn’t throw up any other images or information other than that it existed somewhere in Arizona. Eventually I contacted a guide I knew who lived in Page, a lovely lady called Kate, and asked her if she could take us there, which she answered in the affirmative.

We duly drove there in the spring of 2006. Kate was intrigued as to how I had come to learn of this “secret” location and she suggested that we might well be the first Brits to visit it. Certainly I had never seen any photographs from the region in the UK club circuit.

Not long after our visit, the Arizona Highways magazine published a six-page spread of images from the area and suddenly the site was no longer a secret. When we went back there a year or so later, many of the delicate fins were showing the effects of careless boots and sadly not everyone had taken out their litter. Beautiful places shouldn’t be kept secret but what a shame that some folk cannot respect them.