Alan Barrett Images | Intimate Landscapes | "Shaky trees" - Summer

There is nothing new in moving the camera (deliberately) when making an image. However, it is a technique that has become much easier - and cheaper - with the advent of the digital age. I am fascinated by the effects that can be achieved by different movements of the camera, even when facing the same composition.

Over a period of eighteen months I set out to make my photographic interpretation of the woodlands of Surrey, the county in which I live, over the four seasons. In this time I took over 20,000 images, most of which were immediately discarded, but out of this surfeit of photography I amassed four seasonal portfolios that I find most pleasing. The results may not be to everyone's taste, but they have provided me with ample reward for the miles that I walked.

Shown here is the summer portfolio - it will be rotated with those of the other seasons over time.