Alan Barrett Images | Intimate Landscapes | Red Rock

I love photographing in the US and one of the regions that excites me more than most is the red rock country of Utah and Arizona.

All the images in this portfolio were taken on the Paria Plateau area of Arizona. The best known location in this area is Coyotes Buttes and I have been privileged to trek in both North and South Coyote Buttes on a number of occasions. The big attraction in North Coyote is "The Wave", a most striking multi-coloured rock formation to which first-time visitors quite rightly make a bee-line - but the rest of the region has much to offer once the main attraction has been exhausted.

I have posted a separate portfolio of "bigger" images from the region and concentrated in this portfolio with the small, intimate details, which I think say as much about the beauty of the location as do the wider images.